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About USJN

USJN Information

USJN is one of the longest running organizations in girls' basketball and has been running tournaments across the country since 1986, as the first privately owned company outside of AAU to offer girls basketball tournaments. Nike has been sponsoring the USJN since the early 1990’s and has been one of the strongest supporters of girls grassroots basketball in the country.

USJN does not require teams/players to register or play according to age. USJN uses graduation year to determine the age/divisions in which teams participate. The cost for the tournament covers all fees, team registration, awards, etc. In 2009 USJN Tournaments expanded to include younger age divisions & it became an immediate success. The younger tournaments will use grade requirements as well.

The larger tournaments over four days playing five games and having pools of six, plus playoff brackets based on results.  Medium size tournaments over three days playing four pool games over the first two days with playoffs on the third day.  Smaller size tournaments over two days playing three pool games on the first day, and tournament play on the second/final day.

Over 5 years ago USJN has implemented a special request fee of $60 for teams wishing to not play early games to start a given tournament. When making your initial registration/payment you can add the fee to the entry total to ensure your teams request is made & specify the event in the SPECIAL REQUEST area. If payment is not received USJN is not required to accommodate your teams special request.

All teams must be prepared to provide one scorekeeper for every game to sit at the official table. One person will work the table clock and the other will work the official scoresheet. Teams will be provided ONE weekend pass bracelet at the club coach check in table to be given to this individual at the start of the event. If teams fail to provide an individual at the table they have 2 options:

  1. Forfeit the game & pay the $100 penalty fee that will go directly to the opponent
  2. Pay the other team the prorated admission amount to provide a 2nd person at the table on their behalf. That team must then also pay USJN the amount of the bracelet provided at check in.



  • To be eligible for 9s, players must be entering 4th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2033)
  • To be eligible for 10s, players must be entering 5th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2032)
  • To be eligible for 11s, players must be entering 6th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2031)
  • To be eligible for 12s, players must be entering 7th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2030)
  • To be eligible for 13s, players must be entering 8th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2029)
  • To be eligible for 14s, players must be entering 9th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2028)
  • To be eligible for 15s, players must be entering 10th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2027)
  • To be eligible for 16s, players must be entering 11th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2026)
  • To be eligible for 17s, players must be entering 12th grade in the fall of 2024 (Graduate in 2025)

USJN does not require birth certificates. Player eligible for USJN Tournaments is determined by their grade in school. If a team is found to have illegal players during the event, the event coordinator will forfeit all of the team’s games & will no longer be allowed to participate in USJN events.

If a team wishes to ‘play up’ they are to register under their proper graduation/age designation and put this request to ‘play up’ in the Special Request area of their team. Every opportunity will be made to meet this request in scheduling.

USJN reserves the right to ‘move up’ any team that designates themselves a ‘national’ or ‘elite’ level in the event that they are needed to balance out the pool numbers for a given age group. USJN reserves the right to put those teams that do not designate their LEVEL OF PLAY into any pool to balance the field for a given tournament.

During registration process it is the teams responsibility to put in the proper age designation. USJN reserves to right to change the age designation to the proper listing based off of the qualifications above. If a team administrator has improperly designated their age when registering, once the first GRID version of the schedule is released USJN cannot guarantee and is not obligated to make changes at this late point in time. To guarantee proper placement all age change requests should be done before the 10 day special request window per the Pre-Event Rules.

USJN reserves the right to not allow a team to enter its events under any circumstances that they deem necessary. USJN also reserves the right to not allow a spectator to enter their event for any reason they deem necessary.


  • April NCAA Events – Only uncommitted 2024 seniors can compete
  • May NCAA Events – Only uncommitted 2024 seniors can compete
  • May/June Challenges – (Non NCAA Events) ALL seniors (Class of 2024) ARE allowed to participate
  • July NCAA Events – Only uncommitted 2024 seniors can compete


  • MAILING ADDRESS: Main Office: P.O. Box 7828, Champaign, IL 61826

    PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Email to receive this information directly

    PHONE: (309) 530-2220 or (217) 202-2041

    EMAIL: office@usjn.com