37th Annual USJN 17-11u National Championships

The longest running privately owned girls basketball event in the country continues to be the place...

23rd Annual Hershey Showcase

This longstanding girls event continues to be one of the great stops for the girls basketball...

USJN unveils BracketTeam App for 2022

With long awaited anticipation USJN finally has aligned with a new tournament app BRACKET TEAM with...

USJN Basketball Events

Attendees: Midwest Spring Showcase / Mid America Challenge JR Division: 6th Year

Registered Teams

ILAttack (2030)12
ILBIG3 (Red 2026)16
ILBIG3 (2026)16
ILDefenders 11
ILDream (Pink BSSL)17
ILDream (Black)17
ILDream (BSSL)16
ILDream (Black)15
ILDream (Pink)15
ILDream (Pink RBSL)14
ILEBA Ice (Blue)17
ILEBA Ice (Copenhaver)15
ILEBA Ice 14
ILFox Valley Force (Henricksen)16
ILFox Valley Force (Black)16
ILFox Valley Force 15
ILGame Time 17
ILGreater Purpose Athletics (Elite)17
ILGreater Purpose Athletics (Elite)16
ILHustle 17
ILHustle (Red)16
ILHustle (Black)14
ILLady Challengers (National)16
ILLady Challengers (Gold)15
ILLady Raptors (Purple)12
ILM14Hoops (National 1 8th)14
ILM14Hoops (Rising 3SSB 7th)13
ILM14Hoops (Rising 3SSB 6th)12
ILMidwest Elite Meanstreets (White)14
ILMidwest Wildcat (Gunderson)15
ILPink Elite (HS Elite)16
ILPink Elite (Regional 2027)15
ILPink Elite (National RBSL 2028)14
ILPink Elite (Regional 2028)14
ILPink Elite (BLUE STAR National 2029)13
ILPink Elite (Elite 2030)12
ILSpartans (Black)15
ILSpartans (Black)13
ILSpartans (Black)12
WI24:UP (UA Rise)16
WI24:UP (Krysiak)13
WIPlayground Elite (Speights)13
WIPlayground Elite (Speights)12
WIPlayground Elite (Speights)11

Event Information