36th Annual USJN 17-13u National Championships

The longest running privately owned girls basketball event in the country continues to be the place...

22nd Annual Hershey Showcase

This longstanding girls event continues to be one of the great stops for the girls basketball...

USJN unveils BracketTeam App for 2022

With long awaited anticipation USJN finally has aligned with a new tournament app BRACKET TEAM with...

USJN Basketball Events

Attendees: Premier Showcase: 21st Year

Registered Teams

ARLang Thunder (BSSL 2024)17
ARLang Thunder (BSSL 2025)16
COBoulder Rockies 17
CORising Stars 17
COSoar (National BSTL)17
COSoar (National)16
COSoar (National BSJL)15
CTStarters (Williams BSTL)17
CTStarters (Medeiros BSSL)17
IACY Select Wolves (Young BSTL)17
IACY Select Wolves (Adams BSJL)15
IAKingdom Hoops (Elite BSTL)17
IAKingdom Hoops (Elite BSJL)15
IATeam Iowa (Blue Star)16
IATeam Iowa (Elite BSJL)15
IATeam Iowa (Daniels BSJL)15
IATeam Iowa (RBSL)14
ILAll In Athletics (3SSB)17
ILAll In Athletics (3SSB)16
ILAll In Athletics (3SSB)15
ILChicago Hoops Express (Navy BSSL)17
ILChicago Hoops Express (Silver BSTL)17
ILChicago Hoops Express (III)16
ILChicago Hoops Express (IV)13
ILChicago League Pass 13
ILElite (National BSTL)17
ILElite (National BSJL)16
ILGPA Elite 17
ILHeart of Illinois (BSTL)17
ILHeart of Illinois (Black)14
ILHeart of Illinois (Bloomington)13
ILLady Lightning (Platinum Whitefield BSTL)17
ILLady Lightning (Titanium Ernst BSSL)17
ILLady Lightning (Gold Brooks)16
ILLady Lightning (Diamond Kieper BSSL)16
ILLady Lightning (Silver Babarskis BSJL)15
ILLady Lightning (Bronze Ellew)14
ILLady Lightning (Elite 7 RBSL)13
ILLady Lightning (Columbia 7)13
ILM14Hoops (BSSL)17
ILM14Hoops (BSSL)16
ILMeanstreets (Armstrong)13
ILMidPro (Black BSSL)17
ILMidPro (Black BSSL)16
ILMidPro (Black RBSL)14
ILMidPro (Black)13
ILNo Mercy ICE 17
ILPink Elite (Regional BSSL 2024)17
ILPink Elite (National BSSL 2025)16
ILPink Elite (2026)15
ILPink Elite (Regional 2027)14
ILRockets (Red BSTL)17
ILRockets (White BSSL)16
ILRockets (Red BSJL)16
ILRockets (Red BSJL)15
ILRockets (Red)14
ILSouthern Illinois Hawks (Denney BSTL)17
ILSouthern Illinois Hawks (L.Green BSJL)16
ILSouthern Illinois Hawks (J. Green)15
ILSouthern Illinois Hawks (J.Green RBSL)14
ILValley Warriors (White BSSL)17
ILValley Warriors (Blue BSSL)17
ILValley Warriors (BSSL)16
ILValley Warriors (Regional)15
ILValley Warriors 15
INPFA Lady Eagles 14
INShowcase (Black BSSL 2024)17
INShowcase (Red BSTL 2024)17
INShowcase (Black BSJL 2026)15
INShowcase (Red RBSL 2027)14
KSEclipse (BSTL)17
KSEclipse (BSJL)16
KSEclipse (Blue Star BSJL)15
KSEclipse (Wendte RBSL)14
KSEclipse (Lynn RBSL)14
KSNext Level Eclipse (Winfrey 2024)17
KSNext Level Eclipse (McCorry 2026 BSJL)15
MAB2L 17
MI1829 17
MIWest Michigan Crush 16
MNCrossfire (Pearson)17
MNCrossfire (South Corley BSSL)17
MNCrossfire (Schuck BSTL)17
MNCrossfire (Mueller BSJL)16
MNCrossfire (Lachmiller)16
MNCrossfire - Davis (11th)17
MNDiamond Elite (BSSL)17
MNDiamond Elite (Green BSSL 2025)16
MNDiamond Elite (Turner/Gray 2026)15
MNDiamond Elite (Walker/Begin 2026)15
MNP.R.E.P. (Buerman BSSL)17
MNP.R.E.P. (Buerman BSSL)15
MNSuns (BSSL 2024)17
MNSuns (Black BSJL 2025)16
MNSuns (BSJL 2026)15
MNSuns (RBSL 2027)14
MOKnights Bball Academy (Scheer)14
MOPhee Elite (Regional BSSL)17
MOPhee Elite (McDaniel BSJL)16
MOPhee Elite (Wilkenson BSJL)16
MOPhee Elite (Oldani)15
NCCarolina Reign Elite 17
NECSS Bison (BSTL)17
OHDayton Lady Hoopstars (Premier BSTL)17
OHDayton Lady Hoopstars (Elite BSJL)16
OHDayton Lady Hoopstars (Black RBSL 2027)14
OKTeam Griffin (Wernli E40 2025)16
PAErie Irish (BSTL)17
SDNetwork (BSTL)17
SDNetwork (BSJL)16
SDNetwork (BSJL)15
SDNetwork (RBSL)14
TNMemphis Elite (BSTL)17
TNMemphis Elite (Navy BSJL)16
TNMemphis Elite (Brooms BSJL)15
WANW Magic (Huff BSTL)17
WANW Magic (Rice BSJL)16
WANW Magic (Washington RBSL)13
WI1848 Legends (BSSL 2024)17
WI1848 Legends (BSSL 2025)16
WI1848 Legends (Blue 2026)15
WI24: UP (BSSL)17
WI24:UP (Whiteford BSSL)16
WI24:UP (Whiteford)15
WIElite (Johnson BSTL)17
WIElite (Lapp BSJL)16
WIElite (Johnson BSJL)15
WIElite (Schwenn RBSL)14
WIImpact (Mackowski BSSL 2024)17
WIImpact (Witt BSTL 2024)17
WIImpact (Bugajski BSJL 2025)16
WIImpact (Sid BSJL 2026)15
WIImpact (Overland RBSL)14
WIImpact (Witt RBSL)13
WILcFire (Black)17
WIPlayground Elite (Smith BSTL)17
WIPlayground Elite (BSJL)16
WIPlayground Elite (White)15
WIPlayground Elite (Purple BSJL)15
WIPlayground Elite (Purple RBSL)14
WIPlaymakers (North Peterson BSSL)17
WIPlaymakers (BSTL)17
WIPlaymakers (Wampler BSJL)16
WIPlaymakers/Thrive (BSTL)17
WIPurple Aces (National BSTL)17
WIPurple Aces (National BSJL)16
WIPurple Aces (National BSJL)15
WIPurple Aces (National RBSL)14
WIUnited Hoops WI (Amundson 2024)17

Event Information